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Pornography is Great
by Michael Giardina

The UC Davis chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ made a mistake in its Wednesday presentation, Porn Nation. It argued that pornography is corruptive, destructive and dangerously addictive. That's wrong; pornography is great. All hail the flesh.

Crusader Jon Roper believes pornography affects everyone in the United States. That is an understatement. Folks, sexual thought affects every living thing with genitals and a central nervous system. Get over yourselves. Truthfully, I'm surprised rocks don't get horny.

That leads me to question Campus Crusade for Christ's contention that porn is anything that is created for the explicit purpose of arousal. I wonder if the following fit within their definition: large cups of soda, dribbling with sweat; public service announcements about urinary tract infections; condom boxes; and every single commercial ever made. God, I'm in the mood.

Michael Leahy, recovering sex addict, spoke at Wednesday's Porn Nation. For those of you unfamiliar with the term "sex addict," it roughly translates to, "still breathing." Sorry, but if sex excites you, you qualify as dreadfully normal in my book.

Consider someone who is addicted to nicotine, crack, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and naked bodies. Which one doesn't belong?

Leahy claims to have lost his 15-year marriage because of an addiction to sex and pornography. Perhaps. But I think that says more about Leahy's maturity than it does about the terrors of pornography.

Leahy further suggests that pornography encourages rape. How so? Listen, there's a reason men know never to drop a bar of soap while showering in a federal prison: Criminals don't have pornography.

There is surely violent pornography in the world, but such sick violence is created by violent individuals, marketed to those obsessed with violence and eaten up by violent sickos. Don't confuse cause and effect, friends. If you can't stay away from violent pornography, maybe it's time for a self inventory. Save yourself.

And don't even begin to tell me that pornography is ruining women's self esteem. If you believe that pornography is the cause for bulimia, anorexia or severe depression, then I hope you never manage to procreate a daughter. Why? The "sexual images" may indirectly stimulate feelings associated with these disorders; however, the direct causes are instilling fear about sex in your child, encouraging her to feel shame about their sinful, naked bodies and promoting an unrealistic and self-serving model of sexual integrity that is not applicable to real-world thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions.

Pornography is realistic. We all have, enjoy and hope to one day feel comfortable with our sexual thoughts. Pornography reveals for us universal truths. Through its complete social saturation and intricate link to the human condition, pornography reveals that women wearing Burqas to hide their skin is unilaterally opposed to human nature.

Pornography, by its very nature, reveals to us that the fundamentalist Christian movement that promotes the body as original sin and salvation as blind faith and humbleness will lead to "sex-addicted" victims afraid of commitment, fearful of their own sexualities and eager to blame others who are mature enough to appreciate these sexual images.

Pornography, my friends, is our society's technological, hyper-real solution to our socially constructed seclusion and our naturally social tendency toward voyeurism. A society of negativity and fear begets pornography. Pornography does not beget negativity and fear.