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Abstract Poetry & Postmodern Verse, The Grave of the Great Alley of Clarity Cats, by Michael Giardina

Experimentations in Abstract Postmodern Poetry
Selections by Michael Giardina

  Sun shine body

  The unable to deliver

  An upwards slanted walk

  A familiar voice

  Those who have found a standard way

  Left each chapter within us

  Warm smile not found in her cigarrete

  To regain his composure for figures

  Food for rejecting his feet

  Even during--even if it during

  Lying on floor, stretched after stir

  A soldier frames the wall

  A step by boulder

  A train by life station

  I was able to take the old north



  Bradbury's closet

  A mummy's leggings

  Sipping mother's sweat

  Flash like an individual there

  I realize the skyline

  Running far away from a city


  Carried the clock over

  We have been meeting for years

  Chocolate italian princess

  Champion of years

  "How much longer..."

  On arrival in a lot

  Over as rivers are over

  Cluster at the head

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