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Experimentations in Abstract Postmodernism

             "The Grave of the Great Alley of Clarity Cats" by Michael Giardina

Lying on the floor, stretched after stir

be there before dark
emitting a toll
rain drifting
between pending flower

landscape interests him
below the ground
painted surfaces confer
and stain the F#

father   the white light
the side of concrete
theatre chant sitting
by the side of cabinet chance

like a bear's paw fell
holding his current
tied north felt in
knocking to a piece

all pure like a pickle
weather-beaten coffee
from the comfort café
its plastic mercy

painting the seed
planting her pocket
taken off a curious sheet
in the sexual abrasion

pepper shaken over skin
a tired dry whimper
bothered in the heat
showered into her slip

slit stoplight   closed door
the soft   part of a room
a cooked rush bursting
into her boiling sound