Natural LAPAROSCOPIC Liver Surgery Alternatives

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Almost everyone on the planet has some number of these stones stuck in their liver, but some are more sensitive than other to their effects. A number of procedures are available for patients wishing to remove stones from their liver.

A number of methods and apparatuses are available for flushing the liver. Doing so for some helps to restore balance in there lives. Fear and frustration that have prevented vitality and happiness are often the result of toxins.

The following is an example of a liver stone fished out of the body by using the Hulda Clark Liver Cleansing System.

Preperation for liver cleansing:
- Kidney Cleanse
- Parasite Zap
- Prepare Recipe to Drink

Removal - Surgery or Cleanse?

Mix in a large glass:

1/2 CupOlive Oil Extra Virgin, 1 Big grapefruit,
4 tablespoon EPSOM salts (MgSO4 + 7H2O), 3 cups water. Use when ready!

Real Life Testimonials

Anyone else flushing tonight?
I am on number 15 tonight..just getting the prep stuff ready. Boiling some ginger and cutting up my lemons. I downed my Magnesium drink about an hour and a half ago...getting ready for the next. I hope I hit the motherload this time...last flush was really good I passed a hundred or so stones..some dime size!

I have been doing the Fat Flush Diet for week or so and have lost 5 pounds already so I thought that the liver flush would go well with my super spring detox plan.... I also just cleaned my whole apartment and did a great ceremeony last weekend for letting go of all the old baggage... I feel like I am really moving into the summer with a fresh start in every way!!

I have a feeling this will be my best flush yet!

Well I have been to the loo about 4 times now and an estimate of 30 or so small stones have come...lots of other funky looking things too and some pea size brown stone...

I do have a bit of time to go is only 7:30 am here. The magnesium oxide worked like a charm and tasted way better than ES! Hooray... also the substitute of lemons for GF juice was fine.... the ginger super tea was helpfull as I had serious nausea last night...but I slept from 12-7 which is great for me on a Liver Flush day!

I will keep you guys posted if I see any thing cool or exciting!! I feel really great! I remember my first 8 flushes or so I would be so tired... but now I just feel great and can have a normal day. Today is my jogging day well see if I can handle it!

Looking forward to hearing more flush stories...gotta run to the bathroom!!


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