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Geek Innuendo

October 17th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized

Yay for technological, geeky, nerd innuendo?

  • I’d remotely connect to her client.
  • I’d forward and brute force her ports.
  • I’d take it slow,  start by sniffing her packets.
  • Would you maximize her bandwidth?
  • I’d upgrade her to FiOS, by golly.
  • I’d throttle her bandwidth.
  • I’d unload my seedbox all over her.
  • I would uncap her bandwidth.
  • I’d allow her connection through my firewall.
  • I’d upgrade my ram so she has more power to play with.geekporn
  • I’d input my signal into her limiter.
  • I’d steal her wifi.
  • I’d overload her buffer
  • I’d request a reseed.
  • Im not braggin’ but she dragged her unused shortcuts into my desktop folder.
  • I was checking out her registry.
  • I’d activate her c2 pointers
  • I could look at her GUI all day…
  • I’d right-click on her shortcut… and explore.
  • I’d keep it strictly textual.
  • I’d rip her CD.  (In secure mode)
  • She isn`t DRM free but I still bypassed her protection.
  • I’d bump her thread.
  • I’d fill her request and look at her snatch(es).
  • I partitioned her harddrive, and now she can dual-boot windows and linux.
  • I’d sniff out her back door and brute force in.
  • I’d DDoS her server.
  • I plan to tunnel her ports.
  • I’d rub her start button.
  • Id let her install her firmware on my 3.5″ floppy…
  • I’d ping her IP.
  • I’d check her logs.
  • I’d… unzip her.
  • I’d give her a trojan horse to slip in her back door…
  • I’d insert my 3.5″ floppy into her disk drive
  • I’d overclock THAT motherboard.
  • I’d definitely call freeleech on that snatch
  • I’d bounty up her request.
  • I’d hit her front side bus at double data rate.
  • I’d enter my password in her wrong field
  • I’d defrag her hard drive.
  • I’d integrate her function.
  • I’d split her atom.
  • I’d XSS exploit her input fields.
  • I’d reticulate her splines
  • I’d attach my file to her email.
  • I’d refresh her inbox.
  • I’d find the area under her curves.
  • I’d plug in her variables.
  • I’d be her tangent.
  • Once I finish this snatch, I’m gonna whore out my seedbox
  • I’d render her environment.
  • I’d administrate her account.
  • I’d add my printer to her control panel.
  • I’d make a direct FTP connection with her (haha, get it? Unprotected…)
  • I’d let her RAID my HARD DRIVES
  • I’d shovel her driveway.
  • I’d clean her gutters.
  • I’d retile her bathroom.
  • I’d untangle her christmas lights.
  • I’d analyze her spectrals.
  • I’d give her my stimulus package.
  • I’d hack her Googles.
  • I’d troll her forums.
  • I’d mod her case.
  • I’d rockbox her pod.
  • I’d plug and play her.
  • I’d install 8GB of Fully Buffered DIMM into her motherboard
  • I’d find her molar mass and experiment with her formula
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One Response to “Geek Innuendo”

  1. Dhruv Shanker Says:

    LMAO! This is by far the best list I’ve seen in a long time! Hilarious!

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