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Bub Rub Whistle Tips

The latest rage for kids is driving entire neighborhoods crazy. The whistle tip is welded inside a car's muzzler to make a car screachingly loud for over a mile. Neary ever muffle shop in oakland is installing whistle tips. It's a piece of metal welded into the exhaust pipes which make the car audible for over a mile.

Bub Rubb: "The whistles go Wooo! Woowoo! Then the flow. You can't trip on the flow. It's decoration man. it's just decoration. I got it on my car."

The high pitch tone sounds like a bart train that doesn't stop. It's a fad and it's not going to go away. It's driving me nuts. I can't concentrate when it goes on for hours.

"It's only loud in the morning. You should be up cooking breakfast. It's like an alarm clock."

Oakland residents plan to complain at a local town hall meeting. "Whatever people want, I'll sell it."

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