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Swallowing Foil

Well, I was eating a cake my Mom saved for me. It was wrapped in aluminum foil. Somehow I managed to swallow a small piece of foil along with the cake. The piece was a bit smaller than a dime. Is this something I should be concerned about? Like call a doctor? Even if I did, what would they do?

You're going to die. Aluminium foil, when it makes contact with your stomach acids starts a chemical reaction, which creates a gas which expands, pressing your stomach until it explodes. You should be at the hospital now. I think it's too late.

Damn dude, are you serious?

Drink a few bottles of ipecac.

Fuck, I didn't know it was that serious. I'm going to go call a doctor up right now.

I'd rush cause seriously your urine will TURN aluminum colored.

Do you think a free clinic would see me as an emergency? I don't have any money right now. And I would drink some Ipecac but I don't have any right now. What would the doctors do to remove the foil?

Yeah it's an emergency. You need to get down there as quick as possible. The doctors would probably pump your stomach. It has to be surgically removed because it combines with the lining of your stomach. The only way to get it out is by cutting open your stomach and removing it with a scalpel. If it's in your intestines already, surgery is typically fatal.

Fuck, I'm really freaked out now. I'm seriously panicking. I didn't know such a small piece would cause so much trouble. God damnit. Fuck, I don't want to die. I have a fear of vomiting (I haven't done it in 10 years) but I just looked up stomach pumping and that is like forced vomiting. I'm going to call a few places right now and hopefully it hasn't fucked me up yet. Well I ate it an hour ago so I'm guessing it's already in my intestines. Fuck! This is some scary shit. I'm going to have my Dad take me up there in a hour when he wakes up for work. I'm going to go in as an emergency though I haven't called yet. I hope it's not already in my intestines so they can pump it out. If it is already in there then I'll have to get surgery, fuck. Never in my life would I have known swallowing a small piece of foil could really screw me over like this. It's ironic how shit happens. I've taken so many beatings and been through so much shit and now a fucking piece of foil screws me over.

Well if you survive this, you can always try to sue to foil companies for not putting "do not ingest" warnings on the boxes.

I'm going to the doctor in an hour so I will let you guys know how it went. Thankfully I have a hospital like five minutes away from here. I'm just going to let them do whatever they need to do to get it out and hopefully I won't be screwed but if I am, I'll just have to deal with it as they come. I mean, it's ironic that when my life finally starts going good I eat a fucking piece of foil and it all goes to hell. Fuck life.

Be strong man, it'll be okay.

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