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Columns by Michael Giardina

  God and Santa Stalk Me

  Orgies: The Festival You Missed

  Certified Organic Monkey Fetus Snacks

  Masters In Jungian Cryptomnesia

  Homophobic Pit Bull At Kinko's

  Miracle Cures and Foggy Hypochondriacs

  Careful What I Wish For

  Bastard Children

  Boil, Boil, Toilet, and Trouble

  Surprise in The Bathroom

  Cockfighting, Condoms, etc.

  The Church Of Historyology

  Quick Voracious Consumerism

  Government-Enforced Addiction

  Slurping Birth Defects

  Pornography is Great

  Seductively Juxta-Exposed

  Your Free College Diploma

  Secret Naked Stress Tapes

  Pregnant men, circumcised women

  This column cures cancer

  From Rambo to Rambone

  Money all up in my Kool-Aid.

  Danger: Violent nudists!

  Entertainment blues

  UCDuck Farm.

  Horny spring crickets

  The word worshipper

  The signs of small men

  American sign language

  Normalize my irregularities

  Psychotic theories of impossibility

  Ain't nothing (not) going on.

  Internet sexperiment.

  Much ado about teaching.

  Change your major

  Sexist holidays

  Police: ordinary people.

  Mild Drip Guy.

  Non-Lethal Antics

  Reality shmeality

  Stalking for Dummies

  World of distruction

  That should be illegal

  Download this

  Health care, please

  Subliminally speaking

  Davis Truthiness

  Property managers abuse Davis students

  So long, farewell

  Peace Out: Giardina Says Goodbye