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Experimentations in Abstract Postmodernism

             "The Grave of the Great Alley of Clarity Cats" by Michael Giardina

Cluster at the Head

Late in the morning, a morning blind to periods,
a well-polished, silver-plated country practitioner
wept in the small prison sentence of punctuation.

Deep within this space between the marks,
the old man slept with a sparkling sprinkler,
curled over and half-dead on a power line, tinkering.

What spurred: One call to a period. His...
But the first period was something most moderate,
something practical like a shorter York.

One must read the old man's fingertips, his periods,
even the fruits stored in his wet breast pocket
to silence the stinging, shouting dot.

A growth of ivy covered him in still covers of forgetfulness,
but he was all as well as young and died died dumb
on the memory: climaxing into the velvet of mother's lilac purse.