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Best Emotional Freakouts

June 21st, 2009 Posted in Funny, Stupid

Best emotional freakouts ever caught on film.

Mother cancels kids world of warcraft account, and he freaks out…

“My mom just cancelled my brothers world of warcraft account and he is freaking out. Get out of my room. Flail around like a retard. I’m going to run away and never come back. Flail around some more. I swear, you’ll never see me again. Run into closel. Run out of closet. Flail around like a zergling. Try to shove a remote control up your butt. Nearly puke on the floor. Run back into the closet. Hit yourself with a shoe. Is this what you want? I hate my life!”

MySpace – Tale of Obsession

“MySpace a horrific tale of obsession. This video is a documentary about how people can be too obsessed with myspace, and what it can do to them. Here we venture into the mind of a warped child. What do you care about more, your family or myspace? Myspace!”

Angry German Kid’s Reaction to Disgusting Viral (cup-related) Video

Duke Nukem Harrasses Ventrilo Servers

I’ve got balls of steal. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I’m all out of gum.

Dude flips out in Bistro Coffee Shop

Dude flips out in Bistro Coffee Shop, laptop not working, program problems, mental problems, temper problems, maybe the case of super-aids and adhd crippled., laptop not working, program problems, mental problems, temper problems, maybe the case of super-aids and adhd crippled.

Bill O’Reilly freaks out on intern

“Whatever it is, it’s not on the teleprompter. I can’t read it. There are no words on the screen. To play us out? What does that mean? We’ll do it live. Do it live.”

Christian Bale Goes Crazy at Terminator Salvation

“I want you off the set. Don’t just be sorry. Think for a second. What are you doing? Are you professional or not? Do I walk around and rip your lights down in the middle of the scene? Why are you walking right through in the background. What don’t you understand? You got any idea, it’s distracting having someone walking up behind me in the scene. Oh, good for you! How was it? I hope it was good. It’s useless now.”

Best Office Freakout Ever

Counterstrike Poor Loser

Mom tells kid no more World of Warcraft

“I want to finish it so badly! The computer game; you’re now grounded from it. You’ve crossed the line. I’m sick of the game. Your whole family is spending the entire game at your match tomorrow. Your mother has been trying to get this organized. And you don’t care! You have lost the computer.”

Crying Sorority Girl

She apparently wanted to make it ’snow’ so she used the fire-exstinguisher to deposit little fluffs everywhere; of course, she had no idea how to use it, and set off all the fire alarms in the middle of finals week. Good one!

Michael Cera goes Christian Bale

“You’re not down to earth enough. I’m not going to calm down. Behavioral issues are the least of my problems. Say it in English. What is the problem? I respect you people. I respect the crew. You are amateurs. If this moving is worth watching, it will be a miracle. It will be the first time in history that a movie made by amateurs was successful.”

Sister MySpace – Family video that will go down in history

“Who is Jimmy? How did you meet him? MySpace. You are absolutely grounded. I’m eighteen years old. I’m not sixteen. I’m not like young, and like stupid. That could have been a pedophile, or a murdered, or a rapist. I thought you were dead. You are grounded, honey. You are so grounded. You just lost your car for a weak. Can’t you find a guy somewhere else? You need to get some sense in your head.”

Business Man Freaks Out In Hotel Lobby

“Joyce, are you there? I lost her again. Damnit! When was this building built? Where is the plug? Look! This is where the plug goes. Right there! Still with the coffee? What is going on here guys? Where is the coffee!”

Sister Freaks Out Over Dumplings

“Who do you think you are, taking the sauce, and leaving it up here. Morgan! You ate the only thing I eat. I only eat a little bit of cold noodle. You were on the freaking phone. You always argue. Make me look like the bitch. You always get me in trouble. You will pay for this. You will never get a ride in my car. Nobody will be nice to you. ALL I DID WAS EAT YOUR DUMPLINGs. ┬áStop yelling at me!”

Chinese Tantrum over Shark Fin Soup

“Crazy woman throws epic tantrum when store owner runs out of shark fin soup; what’s better, she catches the person video taping the entire floor-screaming tantrum, and starts charging with evil in her eyes.

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